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Our History

Owner Diane Rohman founded Health to Wellness Therapeutic Massage after graduating from Downeast School of Massage in 1999. Prior to this, she was a registered nurse for 18 years.

"For me personally, this is a different way of helping people," she said about the business. "I've always been in a profession of helping people. "I get as much out of this profession as I put into it, and I put my whole self into providing relief for my clients. This keeps me coming back day after day."

Diane started the business in a studio at her home, where she worked for the first seven years before reaching a point where it was time to expand. After moving the office into our current location, she expanded the practice to include two treatment rooms, a nice waiting area, and an office space.

One other licensed massage therapist, Katie Calnan, works with Diane. She of whom performs exclusive Deep Tissue Massage for insurance cases.

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