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Deep Tissue Massage & Therapeutic Massage in Auburn, Maine

Foot Massage, Therapeutic Massage in Auburn, ME

Enjoy lasting pain relief with Deep Tissue Massage and other types of therapeutic massage from our therapists in Auburn, Maine. At Health to Wellness Therapeutic Massage, we have more than 14 years of experience so we will find the ideal technique to solve your specific problem.

Deep Tissue Massage (Half-Hour & Full-Hour Sessions)

Feel better faster with Deep Tissue Massage. Owner Diane Rohman has in-depth training in all modalities of this therapy, including myofascial and neuromuscular. These techniques reduce pain, increase range of motion, improve local circulation, decrease stress levels, and release endorphins to give you a "feel good" sensation.

During your session, we listen and respond to your requests so that you receive the relief that you expect.

For your convenience, we handle direct insurance billing through workers compensation and auto liability. Other Deep Tissue Massage benefits include:

• Relaxes Tight Muscles
• Balances Muscle Use

• Reduces Recovery Time for Athletes
• Increases Internal Awareness

Swedish Relaxation Massage (Half-Hour & Full-Hour Sessions)

Swedish Relaxation Massage gives you the ability to simply relax and let go so that you can thoroughly enjoy the massage. This massage technique increases local circulation while connecting the body and mind. Your massage therapist uses long, gentle strokes to apply moderate pressure to your entire body, which promotes mind and body relaxation.

Corporate on-Site Seated Massage (Three- to Four-Hour Blocks)

Give your employees a day of pampering with on-site massage services from Health to Wellness Therapeutic Massage. We provide the music and special massage chairs to provide your workers with 10- to 15-minute neck and back massages that release stress and tension, leaving your employees feeling great. 

Schedule an appointment with our massage therapists in Auburn, Maine, for gentle but effective treatment.